Imagine a place where you rediscover time for family and yourself – in uniquely designed common areas that serve as a private, stylish extension of your home.

With just a symbolic monthly member fee the LIVING BY ALFA residents have access to a generous offering of private common spaces; lobby, lounges, home cinema, playroom, private dining facilities, workspaces and hotel-style guest rooms – and the Community Team to guide and help along the way.

The interior is designed by the prominent Danish designer Ulrik Wang, whose expertise within hospitality, food and beverage design around the world unfolds beautifully throughout LIVING BY ALFA’s many common areas.


This is where you meet up with neighbours, friends and familiy. Where you catch up, share stories, make plans, live your life. It’s also where you meet The Community Team, who will assist and support the shared community and the various activities in LIVING BY ALFA.

In The Lobby you will also find an information screen, supporting the LIVING BY ALFA App, which informs the residents about community news, social activities during the week, services etc.

Have a drink or a coffee in one of the cozy corners or have dinner together at the large dinner table. The stylish design throughout the Lobby and Lounge area ensures the perfect ambiance: beautiful floors, carpets, curtains and lamps, various chairs and sofas – and not to mention a cozy fireplace area.

You feel at home in the Lounge area… and you are!
In a stylish setting.


When your LIVING BY ALFA wine club, bridge club, cooking club or bike club get together, the LIVING BY ALFA Event Room is the place. Seating up to 40 guests, the Event Room with kitchen provides the perfect scene for all kinds of events – including residents’ private and

special occasions. The wooden flooring and the inviting interior make any kind of gathering easy. When the room is not occupied, it can be used as a co-working facility.

Stylish party setting.


In tastefully designed hotel-like bedrooms out of town visitors can stay close by – at reasonable residents-only rates. Each room has its own tasteful design, color theme and bathroom. When not rented out to overnight guests, the rooms are also available as office rentals – for LIVING BY ALFA tenants.


Put on your slippers and watch your favorite movies on the big screen! The soft cinema seats as well as the room’s cozy atmosphere set the stage for a great evening. The Home Cinema can be used for screenings or lectures – all orchestrated by the Community Team. In addition, the tenants can rent the Home Cinema for private events.


The secret to a relaxing evening is keeping everyone happy! The Playroom in The Clubhouse is designed for ages 4-11, providing kids with their own space, while allowing parents the opportunity to relax and interact with friends and neighbours in the lounge. The Playroom includes fun activities and play zones and is designed in colors of blue, green and pink. Soft surfaces and ‘round corners’ ensure a safe environment filled with adventure.

Be Spiderman on the New York skyline
or take a climb on the skyscrapers